is an endless time capsule of the unnerving present. It uses randomization to create new juxtapositions with each visit. It was made by Zach Scott and published on February 6, 2017. You can see what else I'm working on at and follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Trump and those that actively support him have been very clear about the kind of world they want the rest of us to live in. We should take them at their word.


There are many organizations that could use your support. Here are just a few:

American Civil Liberties Union
Anti-Defamation League
Black Lives Matter
Council on American-Islamic Relations
Planned Parenthood
Southern Poverty Law Center
Union of Concerned Scientists


The code was modified from, which was made with a bunch of help from Kyle Demuele. A few days after was first published, Daniel Sotzko sent me some javascript modifications to smooth out the transitions between each clip. Thank you Daniel!

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